Quick References

Sometimes as a student nurse or a current nurse, we all get blind-sided, or the classic tunnel vision, and overwhelmed while taking shift report, caring for a patient, or talking with healthcare providers such as physicians and nurse practitioners. Therefore, to help ease the pain, here are some helpful documents to download for the student nurse, as well as the student nurse practitioners, or the practicing nurse. These documents are by no means the ultimate correct way of doing things, but serve as guidance and general suggestions. Feel free to email lifelongnursing@gmail.com to suggest other helpful documents or to provide one of your own (credit will be given) to Lifelong Nursing in order to help other students. Be sure to print the documents so you can save them for future reference.

Abdominal Pain Quick Reference Guide - Quick reference guide for acute abdominal pain

ABG Quick Reference - Useful for the brand new nursing student or those needing a reminder of the levels and meaning of arterial blood gases

Basic Labs: The CBC and BMP - Useful for nursing students and includes normal ranges of each test within the CBC and BMP tests.

CBC and BMP Fishbone Template - For NP/PA/MD students, however, it is useful for the nursing student to understand this form, as the nursing student will see this being used in the medical records.

ECG Lead View Cheat Sheet - Great for learning which leads on the 12-lead ECG/EKG, view which portion of the heart. You can also watch the ECG Basics video here.

Electrolyte Imbalance Cheat Sheets - Great for those interested in learning the signs, symptoms, common causes, and treatments for the imbalances of sodium, potassium, magnesium, phosphate, and calcium within the body.

Hemodynamic Values and Formulas - Great for the nurses interested in learning more about the common hemodynamic values within the critical care setting. It is also great for the nurses studying for professional certifications.

Hepatic Function Panel (Liver Panel) - Useful for nursing students and includes normal ranges of each test within the liver panel and what each test signifies.

Nurse Report Sheet (Simple) - Useful for nurse shift change report and nursing students developing their abilities in their shift change report.

Toxin Ingestions and Inhalation Cheat Sheet - Useful for the Healthcare Professionals to refer to and specifically for the nurse studying for the CCRN examination.

SOAP Note Template - Useful for student nurse practitioners, medical students, and physician assistant students.