Tell Congress to help #EndNurseAbuse!

1 in 4 nurses have been assaulted at work. That's not ok.

Overall, the likelihood of healthcare workers being exposed to violence is higher than prison guards or police officers.

For years, ANA has been leading the charge to end nurse abuse, raising awareness about this issue and pushing for administrative and legislative solutions. Our hard work has paid off – workplace violence legislation was just introduced in Congress. Now, it needs your support to move forward.

Ask your lawmaker to become a cosponsor and help end nurse abuse now!

We know that personalized letters have an even greater impact – if workplace violence has affected you or your colleagues, please consider sharing your story in the note below.

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National Campaign for
Safe RN-to-Patient Staffing Ratios

Video and text Credit to National Nurses United

Welcome to our nationwide safe patient ratios campaign to ensure safe staffing for RNs and patients across the country.  We all deserve the best care possible. California’s historic first-in-the-nation safe staffing ratios, sponsored by the California Nurses Association, took 13 years to win and have been in effect since January 2004 despite continued efforts of the hospital industry to overturn the law. Safe RN ratios have been proven to improve the quality of care and nurse recruitment and retention in California hospitals.